The Long Road to Zion

Coming November 2023, a groundbreaking new book from Restored Christian Press: The Long Road to Zion: A Journey of Faith Beyond Religious Deconstruction, by Eric Stetson.

The following is a description from the back cover:

In the early 21st century, growing numbers of people are questioning their Christian faith and leaving organized religion. Many are becoming unorthodox followers of Jesus, post-Christian pluralists, or “spiritual but not religious” — a trend that is called deconstruction. But is deconstruction the end of the road, or just a step on the way to a more mature understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Long Road to Zion is a unique and thought-provoking book about spiritual journeys, deconstructing religious beliefs, and how to rebuild a strong Christian faith from the rubble of shattered orthodoxy. In a raw and sometimes shocking personal testimony, the author delves deeply into the most important questions he’s wrestled with for the past 30 years about God, Christ, salvation, human nature, and the meaning of life on earth and in the hereafter. Among the issues discussed:

  • What the Bible really teaches about hell and divine judgment, and whether there’s hope for redemption beyond the grave.
  • How suffering can draw us closer to God and help us appreciate the power of the cross of Christ.
  • Why atheism and secular materialism are irrational and dangerous, especially today.
  • The flaws of prophets, scriptures, churches and religious leaders, and why we should be religious anyway.
  • Controversial topics such as Satan, spirit possession, the growing LGBTQ phenomenon, the dangers of 21st-century technology, and evidence that we’re living in the End Times.
  • How God is both our Father in Heaven and also our Heavenly Mother, and why the family nature of God is essential for Christian theology.
  • Why political religion is a shallow substitute for the deeper message of the Gospel.
Photo of Eric Stetson

The Long Road to Zion takes you on a journey you won’t forget. If you really want to think outside the box about religion — even beyond currently trendy and predictable outside-the-box thinking — this book is for you.

Eric Stetson was ordained as a Pentecostal minister in 2005, and in the late 2000s he founded and led one of the world’s largest organizations for Christians who believe in an inclusive view of salvation. He is the author of a 2008 book, Christian Universalism: God’s Good News for All People, and is also a published expert on the Baha’i Faith, a universalist offshoot of Islam which he joined before becoming a Christian. His spiritual journey has been influenced by many sources, including ancient church fathers, medieval mystics, the Pentecostal Latter Rain movement, and most recently the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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